Tank Wagon

Our Fleet was designed to safely deliver bulk and oil across multiple industries.

Agricultural- saddle tanks

Marine- tanks and direct vessel

Industrial- outages, equipment, tanks 

Fleet- tanks and equipment/fleet fueling 24/7

Tractor Trailer

Deliveries direct from the terminal to the customer.

Oil Analysis

Ocean Petroleum works with Analysts Inc. out of Atlanta to provide our customers with data & online reports to help identify minor problems before they become major failures, extend drain intervals, increased equipment life, and minimize down time.

Marine Services

Ocean petroleum is located on the East River with dock access. We provide vessel fueling, both marine and diesel, at our facility or yours. We also offer a comprehensive line of lubricants and additives. 

Waste Oil Recycling

We can pick up or you can drop off used oil for recycling.

Fleet Fueling

Ocean Petroleum has 24/7 availability. We provide fuel to fleets via wet-hosing or tan delivery. Wet hosing provides an efficient way to refuel equipment while minimizing risk.


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